The Ten Commandments by Emmet Fox First Edition 1953

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The Ten Commandments by Emmet Fox. This is a First Edition from 1953.

This book is in very good condition. There is minimal wear to the cover. There is slight splitting of the binding at the top of the inside front cover and also at the title page. There is a small inscription on the 2nd page of the book. There is no other writing or markings inside the book.

The master key to life — a universal guide to all that matters in making life more satisfying. On the surface, the Ten Commandments are a great guide by which to live ones life. Moses having been educated to the highest levels in Egypt had the knowledge, then after meeting the priest (and his 7 daughters) in the wilderness was trained more in the spirit. Both the knowledge and the spirit went into these writings so that the most simplest understanding of these were good, but also that those with great knowledge and spirit could ascertain the deeper meaning of the commandments. Emmet Fox brings out the deeper meanings in a scientific, but yet spiritual way that is truly a profound joy to read.

Emmet Fox (1886-1951) was one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century and a pioneer of the New Thought movement. His bold, dynamic message proclaiming that our thoughts shape our reality has changed the lives of millions across the world and influenced many key contemporary spiritual writers such as Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, and Louise Hay, all of whom have tapped into the power of positive thinking. Fox's other key works include Sermon on the Mount, Power Through Constructive Thinking and Alter Your Life.

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