The Person Of Christ

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The Person Of Christ 


L.W. Grensted

This book is the first printing with hard to find dustjacket. The book and jacket are in very good collectible condition. L. W. Grensted was a professor of the Philosophy of Christian Religion in the University Of Oxford.

Part I. Introductory: 1 The task of the interpreter -- Part II. The facts: 2 The Jesus of history; 3 The body of Christ -- 4 The Jesus of experience -- 5 The problem set -- Part III. The interpretation of the facts: 6 The theological solution; 7 The limitations of theology; 8 Psychological considerations; 9 Manhood; 10 Godhead; 11 The person of Christ -- Part IV. Faith and practice: 12 The undying challenge -- Appendix: The sinlessness of Jesus -- Index. -- `If our psychological analysis has any weight at all it points to the survival of a tradition which at least makes this development of the Gospel records comprehensible. We have gone further than writers of this school in recognising real human development and progress. We have suggested that the full acceptance of all the implications of the Messianic role was gradual, and that the earlier phases of the ministry were superseded as the new problems and the new understanding grew. And this is, to some small extent, a vindication of that chronology which is now so often discarded altogether. But our portrayal points not merely to a human Jesus. It is a response in humanity to an act of God, and that Man in whom humanity rose in such response must indeed have been, as no other before or since, capax deitatis.

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