The Common Sense of Drinking by Richard R. Peabody - 1931

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The Common Sense of Drinking by Richard R Peabody - December 1931.

BOSTON, MASS: Little, Brown & Co., 1931

This is the Second Printing from December 1931. The book is in excellent condition. There is some fading to the color on the covers and spine. Also a couple stains on the covers. There is some handwriting on the first page of the book. There is no other writing or marking at all inside the book. The book is fully intact with no torn or missing pages.

Written by Richard Peabody in the early 1930s, "The Common Sense of Drinking" describes alcoholism and a method for its cure. The roots of Peabody's book came from Boston's Emmanuel Church where clergy and lay practitioners reported success in treating alcoholics. However, Peabody's book is a secular treatment of the problem using psychology. The book was a best seller in the early 1930's and had a major influence on Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson. The book's methods for the "cure" of alchoholism are as relevant today as they were in the 1930's.

When writing the book Alcoholics Anonymous Bill W. borrowed phrases from Peabody's book like as "once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic"[9]:82 and "half measures are of no avail."[9]:99 In addition the entire story of "a man of thirty-six years" contained in the chapter More About Alcoholism[9]:37 appears to have been borrowed from Peabody's book.

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