The Blue Book of Happiness(Golden Book) by Father John Doe(Ralph Pfau) - 1st Printing - 1951

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The Blue Book of Happiness by Father John Doe(Ralph Pfau). This is one of the popular Golden Books. This is a first printing from June 1951. 

This book is in very good condition. There is some light wear around the edges of the cover and on the spine. There is a small black spot on the front cover. The book is fully intact with no torn or missing pages. On page 55 of the book, the list of books by Father John Doe has been crossed out with a black line. A stamp has been placed in the bottom right corner listing all 14 Golden Books which was placed there years after the printing of this specific book.

The Golden Books series is composed of fourteen booklets written by the late Father Ralph Pfau, known originally as Father "John Doe" who was an immensely popular lecturer and author.

These treasured booklets offer thoughtful, positive advice on almost every human experience. Helpful in examining character defects or in exploring the realm of spirituality, these booklets are firmly grounded in the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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