The Alcoholic Foundation - AA Pamphlet

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The Alcoholic Foundation - Our National A.A. Headquarters and Central Office

This small pamphlet was published by the Alcoholic Foundation and is undated and likely from the early to mid 1940’s. The pamphlet details the following topics:

-What are the Duties of the Trustees?

-What does the Central Office do?

-What does the Central Office mean to Alcoholics Anonymous?

-How is the Central Office Supported?


The information included in this pamphlet was written by Bill Wilson. This is very rare and amazing piece of AA History. This was published at a time when the Traditions were not yet practiced or officially voted in, the General Service Conference and service structure was not yet in place. This piece shows the attempt made by Bill Wilson and the Alcoholic Foundation to educate AA Groups and Members on unity throughout all of AA and the importance of the Central Office.

This pamphlet is in excellent condition with minimal wear. Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

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