Temperance and the Changing Liquor Situation - Deets Pickett, 1934

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Temperance and the Changing Liquor Situation - Deets Pickett

Published by New York, The Methodist Book Concern [C1934], 1934
Book is in very good condition for its age. Some light wear to the edges. Well preserved. Some minor markings. 

The temperance movement took place in the United States from about 1800 to 1933. In the early 1800s, many Americans believed that drinking was immoral and that alcohol was a threat to the nation’s success. These beliefs led to widespread support for temperance, which means not drinking alcohol.

Temperance supporters wanted to prohibit, or stop, other people from making and drinking beer, wine, and liquor in the U.S. From the beginning, Ohio was an important place for the temperance movement. Ohioans helped Prohibition succeed in 1920.

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