SIGNED - How to Help an Alcoholic by Clifford J. Earle - 1952 - ODJ

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How to Help an Alcoholic by Clifford J. Earle. This book was published in 1952 and has its original dust jacket. The author inscribed the first blank page and also signed the title page.

This book is in very good condition. No wear to the cover. Other than the inscription and signature, there is no writing or markings inside the book. The dust jacket has edge wear with chipping and small tears, small stains on the back cover.

In this practical and sympathetic book, written from the hopeful viewpoint of the Church, Dr. Earle takes the full measure of the problem of alcoholism, and points out the resources to which both alcoholics and their families may turn for help. He cites typical cases and characteristics of alcoholism and describes four different treatments being used today for aiding the recovery of alcoholics. The goal in all treatment, he states, is ‘permanent recovery in which the alcoholic understands and accepts the fact that he no longer can drink."

The history and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous are discussed in detail, with Twelve Steps to Recovery on which AA's fellowship and program are based. Dr. Earle then goes on to explain with care the things not to do in dealing with alcoholics, and outlines specific things a person can do help an alcoholic. Dr. Earle finds that with AA as well as with other groups and lndividualsz, "religion is a major aid in the treatment of alcoholism." In discussing ritual resources, he points out the ways which a church can express its concern for alcoholics and other victims of alcohol, as well as for the social and moral implications of moderate drinking. The final section is devoted to “Guidance from Recovered Alcoholics,” in which are explained the principles that have helped alcoholics to recover and that will be helpful to others faced with the problem of alcohol. Scripture readings and prayers reinforce these principles with spiritual support.

This book will be an invaluable guide to anyone who needs help in understanding alcoholism, its effects and its treatment. But the most important thing it offers, along with the constant reiteration that alcoholics must be treated with sympathy and understanding, is the heartening assurance that alcoholics can be helped.

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