Harper’s Magazine - Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure? - February 1963

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“Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?” by Arthur Cain in the February 1963 issue of Harper’s Magazine. The article is on pages 48-52.

Cain claims that AA, although operating on the basis of a useful idea, has turned into a dogmatic religious movement and is a hinder an end to research, psychiatry, and many alcoholics who need a different kind of help. He shows how AA is in the almost complete control of public education on alcoholism. This is the first anti-AA article to appear in a popular magazine.

This was previously a library magazine with a stamp from the Oregon State Library at the top of the front cover. Also a sticker placed on the front cover. Library card stapled onto the inside of the back cover. The magazine is fully intact with no torn or missing pages. Light wear to the spine and corners of the magazine pages. There are two staples placed in the magazine close to the spine.

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

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