Guidebook for Alcoholics by Drake Weston, Ph.D. - 1st Edition 1964 - ODJ

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Guidebook for Alcoholics: How to Succeed Without Drinking by Drake Weston, Ph.D. This book is a First Edition from 1964 with the original dust jacket.

“This book is written by an arrested alcoholic who stopped drinking more than eight years ago and has no desire to resume drinking. His purpose is to help other alcoholics by showing them how they too can stop drinking. The author’s approach to alcoholism is both new and useful. He recognizes at the outset that each individual case is different and that no blanket set of rules can cover everyone. While he gives much credit to Alcoholics Anonymous, he maintains that the work of this group does not completely solve the problem for many persons, just as it did not for him. Other methods of control are often necessary. These he sets forth in detail”

About the Author: 

“Drake Weston holds a Ph.D. degree in bio-chemistry and has contributed about thirty papers to scientific journals on various chemical topics, mainly in relation to medicine. Because of increasing alcoholism, he first contacted AA in 1949, but with only limited success in stopping drinking. He then applied various forms of psychotherapy and, in addition, worked out methods of self-treatment best suited to his own needs. He stopped drinking completely in 1956. Since then, he has been able to abstain from alcohol without difficulty.”

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