Elwood Worcester Collection - Three Books

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Elwood Worcester Collection - Three Books:

Religion and Medicine

Religion and Life

The Living Word

Elwood Worcester was the originator of the Emmanuel movement philosophy.

Religion and Medicine by Elwood Worcester. This is a 4th Printing from June 1908. This was the first book published about the Emmanuel Movement.

This book is in very good condition with minimal wear. The cover has some light wear to the edges and corners of the boards. There is an inscription on the first end page. There is no other writing or markings in the book.

Religion and Life by Elwood Worcester. This book was published in February 1914

Here is a review of the book:

“Dr. Worcester divides into three parts his study of religion-its relation to the community, to Jesus, and to the individual soul. Of these the second will perhaps be found most valuable, for it shows much insight into the history and character of Jesus. Views of critical scholars, which with them are apt to stop at intellectual conclusions, Dr. Worcester develops upon their religious side, exhibiting in them food for meditation and growth.”

This book is in very good condition. There is fading to the spine, hand writing on first end page. No other writing or markings in the book.

The Living Word by Elwood Worcester. This is a Second Printing from December 1908.

From the Preface:

”The following pages contain certain thoughts which have long brightened my life, yet for which I can claim little originality. This book owes its existence, its substance and whatever merit it possesses to one of the greatest and least appreciated thinkers of the nineteenth century, Gustav Theodore Fechner... I desired to do honor to the memory of a beloved teacher, and I wished also to present certain of Fechner’s wonderful ideas to an audience which I believe is waiting for them.”

This book is in good condition. There is wear to the edges and corners of the cover boards. This is a former library book with markings on the spine, inside the front board and on the last page of the book. There is no writing or markings on the content pages of the book.

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

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