Drinking’s Not The Problem by Charles Clapp Jr. - 1949

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Drinking’s Not The Problem by Charles Clapp Jr.

This is a first printing and was published in 1949. This book has a reproduction dust jacket. This is a very rare and difficult book to find today!

This book was written with the purpose of educating and helping the “potential alcoholic”.

Charles Clapp was an Oxford Grouper, who AA founder Bill W had helped get sober in October of 1935. Clapp had been associated with Sam Shoemaker, but could not stay sober until he got help from Bill. Clapp was from Bedford Hills. Clapp is also the author of the books: “The Big Bender” and “Drunks are Square Pegs”.

This book is in good condition and will be a great addition to any collection. The cover has experienced some light wear. There is no writing or markings in the book. Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

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