Dr. Bob’s Last Talks - Commemorative AA Grapevine

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Dr. Bob’s Last Talks - Commemorative AA Grapevine


This is a reproduction of the January 1951, “Tribute to Dr. Bob” issue of the AA Grapevine. This issue was printed by the AA Grapevine some time after the initial issue was printed in 1951. This issue does not contain an order form. This issue features a complete dedication in the memory and life of service that Dr. Bob lived.

This Grapevine is in very good condition with only light edge wear.


Dr. Bob’s Last Major Talk: Detroit, Michigan

This pamphlet was produced by “Dr. Bob’s Home” and features a transcription of Dr. Bob’s last major talk from Detroit Michigan in December 1948. There was a typo on the cover of the pamphlet which was covered up with a label stating that it is from “Detroit, Michigan 1948”. Also a typo on the first page of the transcription with the statement that the talk is from “Cleveland, Ohio 1950” which is in accurate.

Dr. Bob’s Last Talk - July 30th, 1950

This pamphlet was produced by ”The Mansfield Tuesday Nite Group”. This was likely printed in the 1960s.

The contents of this pamphlet includes the complete transcription of Dr. Bob’s Last Talk from the 1950 AA International Convention in Cleveland.

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