Down In Water Street by Samuel H. Hadley - 14th Edition

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Down in Water Street: A Story of Sixteen Years Life and Work in Water Street Mission a Sequel to the Life of Jerry McAuley

This book is a Fourteenth Edition. The book is in very good condition. There is some light wear to the cover, fading and marks to the spine. There are pen markings inside the front cover, no other writing or markings in the book. Moderate page toning.

This is the story of Samuel Hadley's conversion inside McAuley's rescue mission for drunkards, leading to his subsequent work of leading others to Christ inside that same mission.

Excerpt from the book:

It has been my privilege to know many true men of God, but without any hesitation I can say in this introductory note that of all the men I have known no one has ever moved me more strangely and inspired me more truly with the spirit of the Master whom he serves than S. H. Hadley, the author of this book. May God's best blessing speed his message to a countless number of souls.

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