Ten Nights in a Bar Room - T.S. Arthur

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Ten Nights in a Bar Room - T.S. Arthur

‘Ten Nights in a Bar Room,’ considered by many to be one of the best temperance novels of the 19th century, tells the story of a mill owner who sells his mill to build a tavern in town, A morality tale, it portrays the evil of alcohol as told by a visitor to the town who stays at the tavern for ten days over a period of ten years. As the book so vividly portrays, customers and owner are all too weak to resist the temptations of demon rum. Written by Timothy Shay Arthur, this book provides a fascinating glimpse into the pro-temperance literature of the 19th century.

This book is in very good condition for its age. Normal wear and aging. Some light separating at the spine on some of the pages. Cover and outside cover are in good condition with a few light markings. 

Please view all of the photos for the conditions.

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