Larry Jewell Alcoholics Anonymous Houston Press Articles January 1940

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This package includes the original newspaper clippings of the Alcoholics Anonymous “Houston Press” articles that were written by Larry Jewell. These original newspaper articles were the personal copies owned by Larry Jewell. The articles have been preserved and held in three separate frames. Inside the frames, are several printed notes telling the history of the articles.

The first frame features the front page of the January 27th, 1940 issue of the Houston Press on which there is an ad announcing the series of articles on Alcoholics Anonymous being published on Wednesday, January 31st, 1940.

The second frame includes articles 1(Story of a ‘Way Out’ For Hopeless Addicts), 2(Allergic to Drink: Alcoholic’s Burden), & 3(How It Started And Gained Speed).

The third frame includes articles 4(Spiritual Aspect Most Important), 5(12 Stages to Beat Curse of Drink), & 6(100 Per Cent Cure Almost Assured).

The articles written by Larry Jewell, a newspaperman and AA member that sobered up in Ohio in December 1939 with the help of Dr. Bob Smith and Clarence Snyder and then he was promptly put on a train to Houston, Texas in January 1940 due to health issues.

Larry Jewell on the train with his Big Book had a Spiritual Awakening and was inspired to write six articles about Alcoholics Anonymous. These articles have been known as the Houston Press Articles. Upon Larry J.’s arrival in Texas, he brought his articles to The Houston Press and had them published in the newspaper.

AA cofounder Bill Wilson in New York City was so impressed with the articles that he immediately had the articles published in the very first “AA” pamphlet by the Alcoholic Foundation in April 1940.

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